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by Pathaksa Tongpitak

Table of contents

  1. Features
  2. How It Works
  3. Accuracy
  4. Usability
  5. Pros
  6. Cons
  7. Conclusion Coupons & Promo Highlights 2024

View the greatest coupon code or deal as of July 18th 2024. Plus, we list all other 4 coupons, deals and discounts for huge savings on your monthly or yearly subscription. Coupon Offers Coupon Offer Details Promo Code Details Coupon Offer $90 Coupon AWT Cheapest Plan Begin your journey for just $7/mo ACTIVATE DEAL Yearly Discount Get 60% off (Yearly Plan) ACTIVATE DEAL Offer $24 Coupon (Basic Yearly Plan) ACTIVATE DEAL
Save 60% on Yearly Plans

πŸ› 60% Yearly Savings

If you frequently use and are so satisfied you're willing to pledge for one year, then capitalize on the massive 60% markdown yearly for

🏷️ Pricing Plans offers the following pricing plans:

FeatureBasicEnterprise 1Enterprise 2Enterprise 3
Price (monthly billing)$7$35$33$12.50
Price (yearly billing/mo)$5/mo$35/mo$33/mo$12.50/mo
Price (yearly total)$60$420$396$150
Yearly savings/mo$2$0$0$0
Yearly savings$24$0$0$0
Coupon Code/Yearly Discount60%60%60%60%
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Monthly billing

Monthly pricing table for

Yearly billing

Yearly pricing table for uses advanced AI algorithms to analyze the text and suggest alternative ways to express the ideas. The main benefit is that it saves you time and effort trying to manually rewrite content. At the same time, it helps you avoid plagiarism by enabling you to create original versions of existing text. The target audience for is diverse - from students working on assignments to marketers creating fresh content.


  • 5000 Word Limit - You can paraphrase up to 5000 words per request for free.
  • Multiple Language Support - Paraphrase text in English, Spanish, French, German and many other languages.
  • Adjustable Quality - Choose between Standard, Fluency and Creative modes for different paraphrasing styles.
  • Plagiarism Checker - Automatically check rewritten text for plagiarism and get originality report.
  • Bulk Paraphrasing - Rephrase multiple documents or passages of text at once.

How It Works is very easy to use. Simply enter or paste the text you want to rewrite in the input box. The AI will instantly analyze it and generate rewritten versions for you to preview. You can then copy the paraphrased text or download it.

The paraphrasing algorithm carefully rewords sentences and replaces vocabulary with synonyms to retain meaning while altering the overall phrasing. This allows you to easily create original text that matches your writing style.


We tested by paraphrasing different types of text including articles, essays and reports. The rewritten versions accurately conveyed the original meaning with minimal errors. The paraphrasing was grammatically correct and the word choices appropriate in context.

For long form content, some paragraphs are rewritten better than others. But overall, the quality is very good considering it's free automated paraphrasing.


The interface of is intuitive and user-friendly. Options like language selection, paraphrasing modes, bulk paraphrasing etc. are conveniently accessible. The rewritten text is clearly highlighted for easy preview.

We didn't face any major issues in navigating or using Everything works smoothly and as expected. The simple workflow makes it easy for anyone to paraphrase content without learning a complex tool.


  • Free to Use - No charges for paraphrasing 5000 words per request.
  • Saves Time - Rewrites text instantly, faster than manual paraphrasing.
  • Multiple Languages - Paraphrase text in many different languages.
  • Bulk Paraphrasing - Rephrase many documents together.


  • 5000 Word Limit - Cannot paraphrase more than 5000 words per request for free.
  • Inconsistent Quality - Some paragraphs are rewritten better than others.
  • Errors in Rewriting - Occasional minor inaccuracies in conveying meaning.

Conclusion is a useful free paraphrasing tool that can save you a lot of time and effort. It rewrites text quickly with decent accuracy in preserving meaning. The automatic paraphrasing works well for short pieces of text. For longer content, some manual editing may be required to polish the output. Overall, is recommended for anyone looking for a simple and efficient paraphrasing solution. Details

Primary Category AI Writing Assistant
Secondary Category AI Content Generators
Affiliate Program Available
Monthly visits 2900K

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Screenshot of the website
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FAQ About Coupons & Deals

How many coupons can I claim?

πŸ’‘ You can only enter 1 coupon per account. Our coupons can be redeemed for an unlimited amount unless specified otherwise, so you can share it with your friends and they will also get the discount or free trial.

Does offer a freemium plan?

🚫 Unfortunately, does not offer a freemium plan.

Do you have a coupon/deal for free credits or a trial?

🚫 Unfortunately, does not have a coupon that offers you a free trial.

Does have a yearly discount deal?

βœ… Yes, you can save money on when you subscribe to a yearly plan.

Take a look right here:

  1. Get 60% off (Yearly Plan)
  2. $24 Coupon (Basic Yearly Plan) Lifetime deal, does it exist?

🚫 Unfortunately, does not have any lifetime deal. Any site that claims to have it are bogus. Any lifetime deal promotion is fake and dishonest sites use it as a bait to get you clicking on their affiliate links.

Is there any special offer or bonus when I sign up for

🚫 Unfortunately, does not have a promotion when you sign up.

Does have a special promotion for students?

🚫 Unfortunately, does not have a promotion for students.

Is there an expiry date on the coupon?

πŸ’‘ With the exception of season offers, all of our promo deals and coupons for are available for an unlimited amount of time and do not expire.

Does offer a money back guarantee?

🚫 Unfortunately, does not publicly disclose that they have money back guarantee. However, you could still ask them nicely for a refund, if you are not satisfied with their service.

Can I use the coupon without entering my credit card details?

βœ… Yes, you do not need to enter your payment details to take advantage of the free credits/trial.

Am I allowed to share the coupon with my friend?

βœ… Yes, you can share the coupon with anyone you like and as many times as you want. It is allowed and the coupon is not exclusively for one person.

Can I pay with Paypal for a subscription?

🚫 No, unfortunately does not accept PayPal payments.

How can I confirm that the coupon is valid, without having to pay?

πŸ’‘ When you enter the coupon, you instantly see a confirmation that it is valid. At this stage, you do not have to enter any payment details. Sometimes, it will immediately show the discount on the page when you open one of our special offer links.

Can I combine coupons to get more discounts?

🚫 No, you can only use one coupon at a time. However, you can stack the coupon on a yearly discount to save even more on

Does have an affiliate program?

βœ… Yes,you can create an account with, then verify your email. Once you are logged in, look for the "Affiliate Program" website. Sometimes it's called "Referral Program" or "Partner Program".

I have a question about, can you help me?

βœ… Sure, just submit your question on our contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Is it possible to submit a coupon or special promotion for

βœ… Definitely, you can use the form below to submit your coupon for We kindly request you to submit only valid coupons. If you are the site owner and would like to be listed with your app/service, you can use the contact form and we'll be in touch with you.

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